Last stop: LA

I can hardly remember now, it was so long ago, but after Santa Barbara we drove to Los Angeles. Our last stop.

I already knew I would love LA. Big city, beaches, creativity, comedy.

I also knew the traffic was bad. But I didn’t realise it was that bad.

No wonder everyone has a podcast – it’s the thing to do when you have to spend half your day in a car.

I’m not sure if the selfie-loving types are drawn to LA, or if living in LA turns you into a selfie-loving type… despite the superficial stereotype, I’d go back in flash.

It reminded me of an experience in a Wellington shoe shop, which, I suppose, prepared me for the city. A blonde, tall, very skinny, American woman picked up a pair of psychedelic plastic stilettos and said: “I’ll take these.”

They were so extreme, even the shop assistant asked: “Why?”

The woman replied: “It’s hard to stand out in LA. These will help.”

Considering my social strategy in life was to “fit in”,  her remarks kind of rattled me.

I loved that about LA, though. It made it fun to just walk down the street.

Being such a square, this time I was the one who stood out. DSC_0581

City of Angels
This is a small octopus falling off Santa Monica Pier into the mouth of a waiting seal

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