WA to OR

For two nights, we experienced the comforts of home as we stayed with family friends in Olympia, Washington.

Washington is green, in more than its landscape. We were surrounded by forests and rocky beaches, backed by snow-capped Mount Rainier. Oh, and pro-Bernie bumper stickers.

It was great to tag along to softball and gymnastics, Willie even tagged along to the barber to get his hair cut.

The visit was topped off with a visit to the military base, before we crossed a bridge into Oregon and headed south along the coastal road.

First: Astoria, for coffee and a quick look at the haunted house. Next: dinner and a wander around Cannon Beach, where we briefly regretted not booking a room.

That regret was quashed, however, when we checked into our place at Ace Hotel in Portland. Willie turned on the record player and ran a bath, while I planned our breakfast destination for the following morning.

A beach near where we were staying, between Olympia and Lacey
Eyeing each other up…
Willie interacting with the locals
The border between Washington and Oregon

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