Seattle stopover

The not-so-nice man at immigration in Vancouver told Willie: “I’m afraid I can’t let you in.”

Having flashed my visa, I was already loading my bags on the train.

I said: “We can pay.”

And $6 later, we were both on board. We blamed Brussels for the confusion.

Seattle was a whirlwind visit. We arrived after dark, but the old-fashion street lamps and neon signs lit the road to our accommodation in Pioneer Square.

The following morning was Easter Monday, plus it was raining, so the streets were deserted. Pike Place Market, however, was bustling.

The clouds (mostly) cleared by the time we got up the Space Needle.

I’ve often heard people describe Seattle as “grey”, and that was true for us, too.

Honestly, the better view is from ground-level, where you can appreciate the splashes of colour in street art, the details of the architecture, and the friendly faces of the locals.

It was all too soon before we had to head south.

View from our hotel
One of many flower stalls at Pike Place Market
View from the Space Needle

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